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One Shot.
One Chance.
Many Choices.

  If you relish the challenge of single-shot hunting or sport shooting, the Lone Eagle™ Pistol is the premier pistol of its kind. But with the Lone Eagle's™ component-based design, you're not restricted to one caliber. By simply switching barreled actions, you can change calibers in a second or two.
The First Step. Begin with the foundation of the Lone Eagle™ Pistol, an ambidextrous grip assembly. This streamlined stock is made of Hyloy 610, a rugged polymer. Suggested retail is $119.00.
The Second Step. Pick your caliber or calibers from our selection of interchangeable single-shot actions listed below left. (You must see your dealer to obtain the grip assembly and barreled actions.)
The Third Step. A grip and a barreled action make your Lone Eagle™ Pistol functionally complete, but you'll probably want to add mechanical sights, or optics and a scope base, to get the most out of the gun.
Technical Data
Length 15-1/8 inches
Height 5-1/2 inches
Width 1-3/4 inches
Weight 4 lb., 3 oz., to 4 lb., 7 oz.
(depending on caliber)
Trigger Reach 2.65 inches
Sight Radius
at 11 inches
sights at 10-1/2 inches to 11-1/2 inches
sights at 10-1/2 inches to 11-1/2 inches
Locking Method Rotating Breech
Barrel is drilled and tapped for scope base or mechanical sights.
Stock Assembly Standard for all calibers. Ambidextrous. Made of Hyloy 610.
Rifling Land and Groove
Barrel Construction Mil spec Chrome MolyVanadium hardened to 26-32 Rockwell C. Breech & other components of heat-treated Gun Quality 4140 steel.
Standard Finish Black oxide. Matte chrome also available.
Twist Rates
.22 Hornet 1 in 16
.223 Rem. 1 in 9
.22/250 Rem. 1 in 12
.243 Win. 1 in 10
7 mm-08 Rem. 1 in 91/2
7 mm B.R. 1 in 91/2
.30-30 Win. 1 in 10
7.62 x 39 1 in 10
.308 Win. 1 in 10
.30-06 Sprfld 1 in 10
.357 Maximum 1 in 18
.358 Win. 1 in 18
.35 Rem. 1 in 16
.44 Magnum 1 in 22
.444 Marlin 1 in 22

Warranty 1 year parts and labor
Actions and Brakes Muzzle Brakes Black muzzle brakes retail for $99.00. Chrome brakes retail for $110.00. They are available from your dealer. Please order using the part numbers charted below.
Black Chrome
.22 Hornet MB22H MB22HMC
.223 Rem. MB223 MB223MC
.22/250 Rem. MB22250 MB22250MC
.243 Win. MB243 MB243MC
7mm-08 Rem. MB708 MB708MC
.30-30 Win. MB3030 MB3030MC
7.62 x 39 MB762 MB762MC
.308 Win. MB308 MB308MC
.30-06 Sprfld MB3006 MB3006MC
.357 Maximum MB357 MB357MC
.358 Win. MB358 MB358MC
.35 Rem. MB35 MB35MC
.44 Magnum MB44 MB44MC
.444 Marlin MB444 MB444MC
Barreled Actions

The standard barreled action with a blued finish is available in 15 calibers. A matte hard chrome finish is also available in all 15 calbers, and barreled actions in both finishes are available with or without muzzle brakes. Barreled actions without muzzle brakes are threaded and capped, so you can add a muzzle brake later. Prices listed below are suggested retail.

.22 Hornet * .223 Rem. * .22/250 Rem.
.243 Win. * 7mm-08 Rem. * 7mm B.R.
.30-30 Win. * 7.62 x 39 * .308 Win.
.30-06 Sprfld * .357 Maximum * .358 Win.
.35 Rem. * .44 Magnum * .444 Marlin

Black action: ?? nok
Black action with muzzle brake: ?? nok
Chrome action: ?? nok
Chrome action with muzzle brake: ?? nok


Leupold Scopes Improve your accuracy by adding a Leupold scope. Optimum eye relief of 12-24 inches. Shown with coordinating bases and 1-inch scope rings.
Leupold 2x EER, glossy
(not shown)
  DEP364 ?? nok
Leupold 2x EER, matte black   DEP365 ?? nok
Leupold 2x EER, silver   DEP366 ?? nok
Leupold 2.5 x 8 EER, black   DEP369 ?? nok
Leupold 2.5 x 8 EER, silver
(not shown)
  DEP370 ?? nok
Leupold scopes

Adjustable Sights

For a better shot, outfit your single-shot with an adjustable hunting sight from Williams (shown at bottom). For hunting or silhouette shooting, choose the adjustable silhouette sight from RPM, featuring a hooded front sight post. Also pictured: Leupold 2x EER scope with matte finish.

Williams hunting sight LEP314B ?? nok
RPM silhouette sight LEP316S ?? nok
Adjustable Sights

Scope Bases & Rings

Lone Eagle™ one-piece scope bases in black or satin are custom-made for us by B-Square. The base is designed to be very secure and to accommodate Weaver®-style rings. Universal 1-inch scope rings in black or satin are also available.

LEP scope base, black LEP350BL ?? nok
LEP scope base, satin LEP350S ?? nok
Scope rings, black DEP379 ?? nok
Scope rings, satin DEP378 ?? nok
Scope Bases and Rings

Cordura® Holsters

Black shoulder holsters and bandolier holsters (right-hand unless otherwise noted). All shoulder holsters accommodate Lone Eagles™ with or without muzzle brakes. 255B/R, shown, holds scoped LEP, braked or unbraked, for right-handed shooters. Left-hand model available. Both bandolier styles hold scoped pistols only. 268B, shown, accommodates scoped LEP without muzzle brake. Black nylon web belt matches.

Shoulder holster, scoped LEP LEP255B/R ?? nok
Shoulder holster,
scoped LEP, left-hand (not shown)
LEP256B/L ?? nok
Shoulder holster,
LEP w/open sights (not shown)
LEP250B/R ?? nok
Bandolier holster, scoped LEP LEP268B ?? nok
Bandolier holster, scoped & braked LEP (not shown) LEP265B ?? nok
Nylon web belt, medium
(to 36" waist)
DEP275B ?? nok
Nylon web belt, large
(to 42" waist)
DEP276B ?? nok
Lone Eagle Holsters

Custom Leather Holsters

Lined, black leather hip holsters for left or right hand. Both accomodate Lone Eagle™ with or without muzzle brake and with or without scope. Matching black leather belt.

Leather hip holster, right-hand LEP2542 ?? nok
Leather hip holster, left-hand LEP2542L ?? nok
Leather belt (specify 32", 34", 36", 38" or 40" DEP2543 ?? nok
Custom Leather Holsters

The Lone Slingers

Black nylon slings help steady your aim. Both are considerably longer than standard rifle slings to allow for greater range of adjustability (will ship longer than shown in photo). Unique VAP Strap (at left) attaches to just one point on pistol. Comes with sling swivel, QD stud, adjustment buckle and quick-detach clip. Traditional Mountain Sling attaches to two points of pistol, measures 84" x 11/4". Comes with sling swivels, adjustment buckle, and non-slip strip on inside of sling. Purchase split barrel band/OD stud set separately. Band installs without drilling or tapping; QD stud attaches to base of grip.

VAP Strap LEP360 ?? nok
Mountain Sling LEP361 ?? nok
Split barrel band/QD stud set LEP355 ?? nok
Lone Eagle straps and slings

The Lone Range Bag

Lightweight pistol case in black 1050D ballistic nylon measures 18" x 10". Embroidered with 4-eagle design. Features include padding, self-healing zipper, outside zip-tuck pocket. Holds LEP with or without muzzle break, with open sights or scope. Made in the U.S.A.

Pistol case, 18" x 10" DEP503B ?? nok
Magnum Pistol Case

Lone Eagle™ Wear

100% preshrunk cotton T-shirt features black & metallic gold silk-screened illustration on back. Design depicts the 19th-century French cannon whose rotating breech inspired the Lone Eagle™ Pistol. Front features gold, silver & red Lone Eagle™ logo. Color: natural. Cap is cotton canvas embroidered with the Lone Eagle™ logo. Body is natural, bill is spruce. Shirt is U.S.-made, cap is imported. Also available: "3-D" style silver Lone Eagle™ pin with black trim.

Lone Eagle T-shirt (L, XL or XXL) LEP752 ?? nok
Natural/green Lone Eagle cap LEP701 ?? nok
Lone Eagle pin LEP713 ?? nok

Trophy Club: The Art of the Hunt

Hunters who hunt with the Lone Eagle(tm) or other Magnum Research products are invited to join the Magnum Research Trophy Club. When you join, you will receive a certificate of membership and a free Trophy Club T-shirt. Just provide some basic written information and a photograph of yourself with the trophy and the pistol or rifle you used. Your name should be noted on the back of the photo, and the following information should be noted on a 3" x 5" index card:
  • Name
  • Address
  • Type of animal
  • Type and caliber of firearm (must be a Magnum Research product)
  • When and where the hunt took place
  • Other interesting details or circumstances

          Entries should meet the following guidelines: 
  1. Any game harvested in a fair chase is a "trophy."
  2. The photo should be tasteful. The hunter and the firearm should both appear in the photo with the trophy.
  3. The photo should be taken at or near the site of the hunt (not in the hunter's den with a mounted trophy).
Photos and facts may be used in Magnum Research's promotional materials. (Photos cannot be returned.)

Trophy Club photos and cards should be sent to:
Magnum Research
Attention:  Trophy Club
7110 University Avenue N.E.
Minneapolis, MN 55432.
Trophy Club Logo Lone Eagle Logo Made In USA

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