Israel Military Industries - titlepic of I.M.I's plant
IMI's Small Arms Ammunition Manufacturing Plant is Israel's sole producer of small arms ammunition, with over 50 years experience in the field, offering a complete line of high quality military and commercial grade cartridges. As the principal supplier of ammunition to the Israel Defence Force (IDF), with an extensive list of military customers throughout the world, IMI manufactures in accordance with the most stringent military specifications. The plant is recognized worldwide for its supply capability vis-a-vis military contracts, offering comprehensive solutions to meet customer needs. Its automatic Link to the SCAMP page plant enables IMI's Small Arms Ammunition Plant to supply significant quantities of high quality cartridges on very short notice. IMI is a market force in international commercial markets, its products being distributed under several brand names, as well as under private labels. IMI ammunition is sold throughout Europe under the SAMSON label, and in America under the ISRAEL MILITARY INDUSTRIES brand name. The company offers a complete range of centerfire ammunition components. Looking ahead, the plant's Engineering Team ensures a program of ongoing development, anticipating customer future needs. The plant, operating under MIL-Q-9858A, with ISO 9001 certification, assures IMI a place among the world's leading ammunition manufacturers.