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ARCUS95 Revolver
Multi caliber Revolver.
The ARCUS 95 R Revolver available in all specified calibres and upon request
in different combination sets with interchangeable barrels and cylinders.

Technical Specifications


357 Magnum, 0.38 Special,
9x19 mm Luger (Parabellum),
9x18 mm Makarov.

Cylinder Capacity:

6 rounds

Overall length:

4 inch barrel 238 mm (9.37 inch)


2.5 inch barrel 200 mm (7.87 inch)

Overall height:

142 mm (5.59 inch)

Overall Width:

36.5 mm (1.44 inch)

Weight (empty):

4 inch barrel Less then 1,000 g. (35.3 oz)


2.5 inch barrel Less then 900 g. (31.8 oz)


Black plastic or walnut

Extra Accessories:

Conversion Kit inc. barrel & cylinder